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Bruschetta and Vegetable Kabobs

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Top Tips for Increasing Plant Foods in Your Diet
Increasing plant foods in your diet doesn't need to be difficult.  It just takes some planning and knowing where to begin.  This free article includes a few reasons why you might want to increase these healthy foods in your diet and some top tips to get you started.

Life after Eggs
Eating without eggs may sound like a huge sacrifice if you've depended on them your entire life. But once you know how to get along without them, you'll wonder why you ever needed them at all.

There are many benefits to eliminating eggs from your diet. There are the health and environmental benefits, as well as the fact that eliminating them reduces the tremendous suffering of battery hens.

10 Steps to Dealing with Sugar Addiction
Most Americans consume about 22 tsps. of sugar per day.  And most of it is hidden in foods like breads, cereals and processed foods.  The more sugar you eat, the more you crave.  Check out this information for some easy steps to help you reduce sugar in your diet.

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Free Recording - Top Tips for Getting Dinner on the Table Fast

Do you struggle with what to make for dinner that's quick and easy?

- Are you tired of the same old meals?

- Are you looking for some healthy dinner ideas?


Free Recording - The Top Tips for Weight Loss without Dieting


The top proven strategies to promote weight loss
The foods that help burn fat
How "how" you eat is just as important as "what" you eat
Which foods help to speed up your metabolism
Why fat is not the enemy
How to exercise to promote weight loss
What to consider if the weight still won't come off.

Free Recording - How to Safely and Effectively Detox

Do you suffer from the following?

Allergies, Skin Problems, Low Energy, Stubborn Weight Loss, No Energy?

Would you like to support the body's natural healing processes?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then a detox may be just what your body needs.

In a perfect world our bodies would be able to handle the normal detox necessary to keep us functioning at optimum levels.  But because of stress, pollution, diet, etc., it's almost impossible for out bodies to keep up.

In this info-packed call I'll be revealing the secrets to safely and effectively detox.

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Christine's Weekly Menu, Recipes and Shopping List 
Do you want to eat a healthier diet but aren't sure where or how to begin?  You might want to check this out.  It includes an entire week of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes, snack ideas, and much much more!

Complete Detox Program - "How to Safely and Effectively Detox"

If you know you need to detox, but find detox diets confusing and intimidating, then my complete "How to Safely and Effectively Detox" program might be just what you need to help make your detox a success. 

It's a minor investment of your time and money but can offer you huge health benefits.

If you haven't listened to my f.r.e.e recording on "How to Safely and Effectively Detox", you might want to do that first.  If you need further support, then consider this more detailed program.

For more specifics on this great detox program, click HERE.

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Top Tips for Weight Loss Handout - Listen to the free recording on "The Top Tips for Weight Loss without Dieting" to find out how to get this list.

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