Helping to get more plant foods into your diet...one bite at a time

Lectures and Workshops

The Skinny on Fats

"Much more info than I've heard. All valuable."

"Very helpful information about fats and oils.



How to Conquer Your Sugar Cravings

"It was very informative." Helen W.

"It could improve everyone's lifestyle and health because we all have sugar cravings." Glenda M.

"Christine was very informative. Lecture was organized, thought provoking and held my interest." Linda R.

"It was helpful - will help to change some of my habits." Wilbert H.

"There was lots of new information. It's a great presentation!" Pat C.

"Helped me to rethink my problem - gave me ideas to utilize and apply." Judi J.

"A lot of useful information presented in an easy to understand manner. Recommendations given seemed easy to incorporate into your daily life." Deanne S.

"Very good information - confirms everything I have been reading & trying my best to practice. Very good information to help you understand that sugar affects your whole body." Micky C.

"Education - and learning to bring in more natural and healthy alternatives." Anne M.

"It gives you an AWARENESS - which is what the beginning of healing is." Judi M

Eating for Energy

"Plenty of information delivered effectively." Dee S.

"I appreciate that your presentation is focused and well-organized.  You really share an abundance of information."  Eileen M.

"I could relate to the topic and felt you addressed questions I had.  You were confident and well-informaed.  Your information was motivational."  Janet S.

"I thought the presentation was very informative and it will help me to motivate and discipline myself to eat a healthy diet."  Denise H.

"Enjoyed everything about the presentation, especially identifying food to eat and avoid as well as tips on keeping energy."  Pam T.

What I enjoyed best about the presentation was "the way you explained the reasons why our bodies react/behave to the foods we eat."  Diana S.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About a Plant-Based Diet but Were Afraid to Ask - (as it pertains to cancer)

"A huge thanks to you for  volunteering your (precious) time to Gilda’s Club Living Room members; they

were so receptive and enthusiastic about the information you brought- much “food for  thought” as well as

plant-based ideas and recipe. I loved the miso tahini sauce;  can’t wait to repeat this at home."  ~Jane A.


Private and Group Cooking Classes
"This program will expand you choices for quality foods and enhance energy levels and weight stabilizing.  You did a great job of offering useful information.  Very helpful!.  It was fun preparing foods as a group and everything tasted delicious.  Thanks so much!"  ~ Anne D

"I have enjoyed this class very much.  It's so much more than a cooking class.  The information on nutrition has been invaluable.  The sharing and cooking with each other has been fun, too."  ~ Ceci B.

"The class has a great balance of information and hands on cooking.  Sampling recipes was great.  I have more energy for the day and find I don't miss the old way of cooking.  It's getting easier to come up with menus where "meat" isn't the starting point."  ~ Joan M 

"The program is a sure way to help many health issues and the instructor is so well informed.  You'll learn things you never knew.  (The instructor) covered so many topics and the recipes are great.  I enjoyed it all." ~ Martha S.

"This program) would help anyone add new products to cook with and show them how to use them."  ~ Diana G.

"(My) energy level is better, I'm eating more nutrition foods and experimenting more (since taking the group cooking class series.)"  ~ Stephanie B.

"(Since taking the group cooking class series) I am cooking my own food and enjoying it.  I'm making better choices and learning to live without eggs and cheese."  ~ Jennifer C.

Personal Chef Services and Diet Coaching

"Having Christine come into my home and whip up a week’s worth of delicious vegan meals for my family was wonderful.  Having meals already prepared waiting in the freezer for those hectic nights when you worked late, had to transport kids somewhere was a relief.  I was able to pick the foods I wanted (tried some new ones too) and it helped me choose a healthier alternative than a quick made processed meal or eating out." ~ Deanne S.

"Did you ever go grocery shopping and see all of the different kinds of produce and products that are available?  I used to be one of those people who never ventured far from my comfort zone.  My idea of greens was salad, broccoli and green beans.  Little did I know how much good stuff I was missing out on until I contacted Christine at Food for Living.  We started with 6 weeks of counseling sessions.  She slowly introduced me to some produce that I never thought I would enjoy.  She provided me the recipes to help me get the most out of the experience.  She never left me wondering, “What do I do with this?  To enhance the experience of trying new foods, I hired her to provide personal chef services.  The recipes that were available were varied and interesting.  Each meal was delicious and provided me greater opportunity to expand my palate.  I would highly recommend Christine.  Her knowledge about wholesome food and healthy alternatives is amazing."  ~ Diana G.


"Christine, you are amazing! The food looks glorious...I can't believe this is my fridge. You did so much work in so little time (left the kitchen cleaner than you found it). I tasted a little of the escarole and beans & pasta...absolutely YUM!!!. I am so grateful." Barbara C. 


"OK, just had to tell you that the macaroni and non-cheese was so good! I've honestly never really explored vegan cheese alternatives, so I was excited to try it. If I hadn't known already, I would never have noticed the difference! The salad dressing was also extra good this time around! Can't wait to try the rest." Diane T.

"We're eating like royalty here...thank you so much." Barbara C.


"We had the tempeh for dinner tonight and LOVED it!!!! The curry tasted like we ordered it from a Thai restaurant!"  Diane T.


"Oh, wow, Christine...the muffins rock!!! Did you taste them? You are gonna heal me with food...how can I thank you enough!" Barbara C. 



"I want you to know how much I am enjoying your newsletters.  I find them interesting, informative, and inspiring.  I am continually moving forward and enjoying a more plant based diet.  Thank you."  ~Sue D.


“Great email last week (What's wrong with Dairy), just finished reading it. It reinforces the documentary we just watched recently, Forks Over Knives. F.Y.I-I'm forwarding it to close friends and family. 

I'm glad we found you. Hope to get a class together in the near future." 


John V.

JohnnyBoy Farms LLC



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