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What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a culinary professional who designs and prepares personalized meals for clients in their homes.  They prepare meals which are then packaged, labeled and stored for the client to enjoy at their convenience.  Personal chefs differ from private chefs in that a personal chef has multiple clients where a private chef works full time for one client.  Personal chefs differ from caterers in that caterers prepare food in a commercial kitchen and a personal chef prepares meals in their client’s kitchen.

Is the service affordable?

Consider how much you spend on restaurant meals & take-out. (Keep in mind that these foods may be unhealthy, i.e., high in salt, fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates, etc).  While having a personal chef may have been a luxury in the past, it’s now affordable to many.  Refer to the pricing page for the cost of Food for Living’s standard services.  If your needs can be met by one of my standard packages, then the current price is listed based on the time it takes me to plan, shop for, prepare and package your meals. If you need a different quantity of meals, we'll discuss your custom pricing when we meet. In addition to the service fee, you pay for the groceries, which will vary depending on your menu.  Perhaps, more importantly, when you consider the time involved for menu planning and shopping on top of the actual cooking, you'll see that you are "buying" much more than just the food itself - you're adding time back in your life, and the satisfaction of knowing you've got healthy, delicious homemade meals waiting for you whenever you want them!

How do the services work?

Initially, I come to your home and consult with you to determine your preferences and any special dietary requirements.  Coming to your home also gives me the opportunity to become familiar with your oven, stove, kitchen set-up, etc.  Payment of the chef’s fee and a grocery deposit is required at the conclusion of this consult.  Based on our meeting, I will come up with a menu for your approval. I will shop for your groceries and come to your home with my equipment and your groceries.  I will spend 4-7 hours preparing, cooking, packaging and labeling your menu items.  I will clean your kitchen, pack up my equipment and leave you with a clean kitchen.  Only the smell of delicious, home-cooked meals and a refrigerator stocked full of healthy foods will be an indication that I was there.

Is there a contract involved?

I do have a contract that simply states that I will provide you with a service at an agreed upon price and frequent your home on pre-determined day(s).  This agreement ensures that both parties understand what is expected of each other. 

Why do you need to cook in my kitchen?

Food for Living offers a personalized service and prepares meals in your home using my equipment. All I need is your sink, countertop, oven, stovetop, refrigerator and freezer.  Health department regulations require that meals must be prepared in a commercial kitchen or in the client’s home.  Renting a commercial kitchen would increase the cost of service.  Cooking in your home saves you money and adheres to health department regulations. 

Where do the recipes come from?

A variety of sources, including my extensive recipe collection and cookbooks as well as my own recipes. All recipes have been tested to hold their quality after they have been frozen and thawed out before being reheated.  

How are meals packaged?

During your initial consultation we’ll determine your packaging preferences.  The cost of packaging is included in the service fee. Most foods will be packaged in reusable containers.  Some items (i.e., patties) may be individually wrapped and then packaged in plastic freezer bags for freezer storage.

How often do you cook for me?

You can utilize my services for one time, occasional or ongoing service.  Ongoing service scheduling is determined by how many I’ll be cooking for, how often you eat at home, and simply how quickly you use up the foods that I’ve prepared.

What do I need to do to prepare for your visit?

Please make sure that there is plenty of room in the refrigerator for cooling foods down and room in the freezer for storage.  A clean and neat kitchen provides a safe environment for both you and me.  Please have counter space clean and available.

Do I need to be home when you cook?

You don’t need to be home, although some clients may be.  Most clients work or are out for the day.

In order for me to prepare your quality meals it’s best that I work alone with minimal interruptions. Access to your home, if necessary, will be discussed during our initial consultation.

Are you bonded?

Because I have no employees I am not bonded.  But I do have liability insurance. 

Any other questions, please feel free to contact me.

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