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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Great Alternative to Teflon Cookware

I often get asked about what type of cookware I recommend.  


I have concerns about most of the non-stick cookware on the market because they are manufactured with PFOA's (perflurooctanoic acid) and PTFE's (polytetrafluoroethylene) and I definitely don't recommend them.


Aluminum pans scare me because of the concerns about the link between aluminum and Alzheimer's disease. 


What does that leave us to cook with?  Well, there's glass - but glass isn't the best heat conductor.  I usually recommend stainless steel, and still do, but it has it's limitations.


For years I have used stainless steel for 95% of my cooking.  I occasionally will use a non-stick pan for pancakes, only because any time I use a stainless pan, my pancakes would invariably get completely stuck to the bottom of the pan - even if I coated the pan with oil - and I'd wind up with a huge glob of pancake mess on my plate and a pan that required a long soak before cleaning.


Then recently, I heard about some non-stick cookware that doesn't contain PFOA's or PTFE's.  It's made by Beka, a German company. It's coated with ceramic.  I checked it out, read some reviews and after a few months of indecision, decided to order one and try it out.  


I ordered through and decided to try a smaller pan to start.  So I ordered the 9 1/2" pan. It arrived last week and, so far, I'm in love with it.


I haven't cooked with anything else since it arrived.  The first time I used it I sauteed some onions and Swiss Chard in olive oil.  It turned out great.  I've also been using it for re-heating leftovers.


But the real test was pancakes.  Not only did my pancakes turn out wonderful, I didn't add a drop of oil to the pan before I started, and there was no sticking to the pan.  Awesome.  So not only can I enjoy intact pancakes, I am using less oil in my cooking, too.  And cutting back on oils saves calories.


You might want to order one for yourself. Check out the link.  They are reasonably priced.  I'm planning on ordering some other sizes in the future.



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